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1 Episode, Irene Tedrow 1 Episode, Pitt Herbert When Canaby finds Duke Shannon gravely ill at a poisoned water hole, he takes him back to Chris Hale’s train facing the risk of being recognized and scorned. Moore, Sergeant, Stone, Thomas Wanda Snow Remember the extras who walked around as the main cast had camp scenes in earlier seasons? Sue The Santee family---Will, his mother, and his younger sister---join the wagon train under a false surname. Masters Girl Springsteen ... (5 episodes, 1960-1964) Christian Nyby … 10 Episodes, Dan Duryea Vincent Eaglewood 1 Episode, John Larkin Riatt 1 Episode, Guy Madison 1 Episode, Troy Donahue 1 Episode, Macdonald Carey Hanify, Simmons, Slim Mrs. Willoughby 1 Episode, Jeanne Bal Davey 3 Episodes, Henry Silva Robert Fuller (small supporting role) Episode 16. Aline 1 Episode, Charlotte Fletcher Grace 1 Episode (2012), Parley Baer Kathie Molly 1 Episode, Charlita Regis Watch Wagon Train - Season 1, Episode 20 - The Dora Gray Story: Flint is riding ahead of the train with Bill Hawkes when they hear gunshots. Kitty Allbright 1 Episode, Polly Bergen Billy 1 Episode, William Bendix The Bond shows aired in syndication as `Major Adams, Trailmaster. Matilda, Mrs. Bloer, Sara 1 Episode, Irene Ryan Harding John Calso, Paul Abigail, Mrs. Cutler 2 Episodes, John Lasell Joe 4 Episodes, Frank de Kova 1 Episode, Dan Riss Maria Norden 1 Episode, J.D. 1 Episode, Felicia Farr 1 Episode, Harry Swoger Giles Forrest 3 Episodes, Perry Lopez 1 Episode, Lynn Loring 1 Episode, Vaughn Taylor 1 Episode, Zeme North 2 Episodes, John Lupton 4 Episodes, Robert J. Wilke Lin Loretta 1 Episode, Gil Perkins 3 Episodes, Harry von Zell Burton 5 Episodes (2012-2012), Henry Brandon 1 Episode, Peg Hillias 1 Episode, Tom Hernandez 3 Episodes, Orville Sherman Flint must find a way to get the wagon train around a snow covered pass. 122 Episodes (1960-2019), Robert Fuller 1 Episode, Carole Wells 1 Episode, Virginia Christie 1 Episode, Audrey Meadows The Barnaby West Story. 1 Episode, Jenny Hecht Belle 1 Episode, Cameron Mitchell Guard Allen, Tracy Jones 3 Episodes, Henry Daniell Mrs. Lawson Phillips Mert Gunner 1 Episode, Dean Jones 1 Episode, Ilana Dowding Brenton, Hanley Swairt Mrs. Sharp 3, Varney Ellen, Martha Margaret 1 Episode, Ricardo Montalban Muskie 1 Episode, Sam Capuano 1 Episode, Claudia Drake 42 Episodes (1960-2019), Morgan Woodward 2 Episodes, Diane Jergens Nick 1 Episode, Dwayne Hickman Violet 1 Episode, Michael Crisalli 2 Episodes, Edward Platt Waring Jennings Millie Churchill 2 Episodes, Leslie Nielsen O'Mara 1 Episode, James Dobson 11 Episodes, Joseph Pevney Quent Ma Adams, Sarah Forest 1 Episode, Linda Evans 1 Episode, Dal McKennon Abbot Kirby 2 Episodes, Ellen Corby Grandma 1 Episode, Karen Steele Canevari Harvey, Martin 1 Episode, Richard Loo Vincent 2 Episodes, Arthur Franz 1 Episode, Mike Keene 32 Episodes (1960-2019), Denny Miller 1 Episode, Edgar Buchanan Wagon Train Tv Show Dvds Are Available At Amazon.com! Track Wagon Train season 4 episodes. Directed by Ted Post. 1 Episode, Stephen McNally Howard, Marty Benson Ward Bond had passed on when this episode of Wagon Train aired in 1961 and his spirit should be grateful he didn't have to appear in this, one of the loonier Wagon Train episodes. 1 Episode, Susan Kohner 1 Episode, Cyril Delevanti 1 Episode, Robert Burton 2 Episodes, Eduard Franz Johnny 3 Episodes, Russell Johnson 2 Episodes, Elisha Cook In March of 1961, Aaron 3 Episodes, Anne Helm Lisa Raincloud, Lizbeth Calhoun 1 Episode, Allyson Ames 1 Giddings 2 Episodes, Virginia Christine 2 Episodes, Rafael Campos Wagon Train was famous for its guest stars, many of whom were known for film work. Wilkes 2 Episodes, Michael Ansara 2 Episodes, Eddie Albert Grover Ito 1 Episode, Raymond Massey 4 Episodes, Roger Mobley 1 Episode, Dave Perna 1 Episode, Clarence Straight Mrs. Kennedy Madie, Sarah Proctor 1 Episode, Dorothy Adams Though the show remained on the air until 1965, after Robert … Joe Lassiter Fitch, Hiram [1] The series was inspired by the 1950 John Ford film Wagon Master. 1 Episode, Max Hartman Throughout those eight seasons only eight actors (no actresses) appeared in fifty or more episodes. 1 Episode, Yvonne Craig Stone, Yates 2 Episodes, Norman Leavitt Barker, Piper Cannon 1 Episode, Valerie Varda 1 Episode, Ann B. Davis Red Hawk Wagon Train (1957–1965) Season 1 Episode 14 All ... Whoever cast this episode with real-life husband-wife performers Robert Sterling and Anne Jeffreys must have done so with a knowing wink, as the episode is a variation on the plot of Cole Porter's "Kiss Me, Kate," which had also been done in musical theatre by Miss Jeffreys. 1 Episode, Eddy Waller 1 Episode, Bradford Dillman 1 Episode, Slim Pickens Smith 1 Episode, Roberta Shore 1 Episode, Naomi Stevens Samantha 3 Episodes, Dick York Adam 1 Episode, Royal Dano Aggie 1 Episode, Walter Reed 2 Episodes, George Waggner 1 Episode, Ronnie Sorensen He relies on what happened on certain other … 1 Episode, Joyce Taylor 1 Episode, Lynn Bernay 1 Episode, Lawrence Dobkin 1 Episode, Joseph Wiseman Andrew, Tom Evie, Jenny #3.19) The Colter Craven Story(ep. 3 Episodes, Karen Green Bea, Lita 3 Episodes, Virginia Grey Lorrie Harry Diel, Jamison, Spicer Grandpa Sullivan 1 Episode, Donald Randolph Springsteen 3 Episodes, Tudor Owen 1 Episode, Doug Lambert 1 Episode, Bill St. John 1 Episode, William Boyett 2 Episodes, Randy Boone 1 Episode, Elaine Stritch 1 Episode, Susan Seaforth 1 Episode, John Craig 2 Episodes, Kathie Browne Kate 1 Episode, Roger Smith Lieutenant Borden 1 Episode, Gary Clarke Perdita Kate Parker, Ranie Webster Andre 2 Episodes, Sharon Farrell Following the death of Ward Bond in late 1960, a new wagonmaster assumed the lead. 1 Episode (2012), Cheryl Holdridge 2 Episodes, Read Morgan Bill Tawnee Kathy, Melanie 2 Episodes, Arthur O'Connell 1 Episode, Jose De Vega 1 Episode, Alfred Ryder 1 Episode, Daniel White Agnes Annie 1 Episode, Harry Hickox Bella McKavitch, Janet 1 Episode, Valerie Mitchell Wagon Train (1962) - The Doctor Denker StorySeason 5, Episode 18. 1 Episode, Douglas Jones 1 Episode, James Whitmore Malachi Hobart is a generous and charitable preacher who may in fact be a con man. Dr. Monroe 1 Episode, Joy Page Kerrigan Tacker Brother No. Duchess Jennifer Churchill, Mrs. Cummings 1 Episode, Claire Trevor Zeb 1 Episode, Sherry Jackson David Levy 1 Episode, Michael Conrad 1 Episode, George Chandler Stevens An Italian immigrant couple needs help in transporting water for their grapevines to California. 4 Episodes, Tommy Sands 1 Episode, Warren Oates 1 Episode, Larry Pennell Lucinda, Mary 2 Episodes, Anthony Caruso Julio Juli 1 Episode, Mala Powers 1 Episode, Mercedes McCambridge 4 Episodes, Aline Towne Dr. Rand Mrs. Baxter 1 Episode, Armand Alzamora 1 Episode, Carol Lawrence 6 Episodes, Ann Blyth 5 Episodes, John Doucette Lowe Beth, Ellen, Judy Martha Williams, Rheba Somers Barker 2 Episodes, Dee Pollack Sybil This classy Western followed the trials of a California-bound wagon train after the Civil War. 1 Episode, Gary Merrill 1 Episode, Richard Hale Watchlist. Parsons 1 Episode, Harold Daye Henshaw Soldier Captain Sam 1 Episode, Jean Carson 5 Episodes, Stanley Adams 1 Episode, Jock Mahoney Dermoth, Hogg, Terran 1 Episode, Lee Patrick 3 Episodes, Irene Windust 1 Episode, Lori Nelson Benedict, Cass, Francis Mason, Hanford 1 Episode, Tom Simcox Bartender Chris Grimes, Otto 1 Episode, Don Rickles Leeana 1 Episode, Jack Chaplain Jose Maria Moran Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Wagon Train with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at TVGuide.com Ginny Hillery, Loring 1 Episode, Suzi Carnell The final episode of the sixth season introduced Michael Burns as teenager Barnaby West, who became a recurring character in the seventh season. 1 Episode, Rex Montana 2 Episodes, Myron Healey 1 Episode, Vic Perrin Jessica 1 Episode (2012), John Howard 1 Episode, James MacArthur Betty Luke 1 Episode, Jimmy Cash 5 Episodes, Charles Herbert 1 Episode, Laurie Mitchell 2 Episodes, Albert Salmi 2 Episodes, John Holland Mark Muldoon, O'Rourke [9], Titles, credits, and airdates are taken from Wagon Train — The Television Series by James Rosin[10]. Linders I have began adding pages of pics for individual episodes. TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show Wagon Train anytime, anywhere. [5] In its first three seasons and part of the fourth, the regular cast consisted of Ward Bond as Major Seth Adams, the trailmaster, Robert Horton as Flint McCullough, the scout, Terry Wilson as Bill Hawks, the ramrod, and Frank McGrath as Charlie Wooster, the cook. This list includes all of the Wagon Train main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below.You can various bits of trivia about these Wagon Train stars, such as where the actor was born and what their year of birth is. Morton Little Eagle Clinton, Everest Jasper Cato Snare Clayton Tucker Black Feather, Bounty Hunter, Phelan Collingswood Esther 1 Episode, Jean Willes 1 Episode, Candy Moore 1 Episode, Bobby Darin Choya 3 Episodes (2012-2012), Meg Wyllie Calvin With John McIntire, Robert Horton, Robert Culp, John Larch. Craven, Major Gaston Bessie, Mrs. Seidell, Nancy 1 Episode, Juanita Moore 2 Episodes, H.M. Wynant MacKenzie, North Star Fred 2 Episodes, John Hoyt 3 Episodes, James Best Carr Simon The final season reverts back to black-and-white and runs for 60 minutes. 1 Episode, Jean Allison Dr. Piper, Margaret, Marty, Mrs. Lawton 1 Episode, Richard Long Pat Cobb Cain, Gene, Gil, Lt. Duncan McIvor, Ross Indian Scout 3 Episodes, Dennis Holmes Indian Chief Jones This classy Western followed the trials of a California-bound wagon train after the Civil War. 1 Episode, Lyle Bettger Maxine Barney, Clel, Jubal, Jupe, Jute, Keene, Laverty, Second Killer, Spotted Horse, Zach ... See All Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions Trivia & Quotes. Lily Belle Carder 1 Episode, Virginia Crane 1 Episode, Robert Brown 1 Episode, Lisa Gaye Callahan Season 4 guide for Wagon Train TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. 1 Episode, Mike Road 1 Episode, Gary Cockrell Rose 1 Episode, Joan Fontaine 4 Episodes, Frances Reid Susan Amos, Cliff Grundy, Gilliam, Grundy, Race, Samuel Bleymier Haynes Henry Ludlow 2 Episodes, Nick Adams Prentiss 1 Episode, Ryan O'Neal 1 Episode, Evelyn Rudie 3 Episodes, Tyler McVey 1 Episode, Anna Lee Wagon Train revolved around the characters traveling to California by a wagon train caravan … Mrs. Bixby 1 Episode, Bob Hopkins 3 Episodes, Judi Meredith 1 Episode, Robert McQueeney 1 Episode, Hari Rhodes Breck, Grady Gresham 3 Episodes (2012-2012), Amzie Strickland Wagon Train Member (uncredited) Bert Spencer. Loughlin, Pitts Blane Wessels, Dorty 1 Episode, Ann Doran 1 Episode, Michael Morris Track Wagon Train season 7 episodes. 1 Episode, Russell Thorson 1 Episode, Dan Tobin 1 Episode, Paul Langton 1 Episode, Robert Loggia 1 Episode, James Dunn 1 Episode, Henry Hunter 1 Episode, Robert Blake Renaldo 1 Episode, Cloris Leachman Archie, Benny Dance-Hall Girl 1 Episode, Audrey Totter 1 Episode, James Bell Iron Hand Sally Potter 2 Episodes, Jack Warden Cassie, Cassie Tanner 1 Episode, Harry Hines 1 Episode, Betsy Hale Ursula Dashwood Phineas Striking gold instead while stopping to repair their wagons, the fever is high as some stop to strike it rich and uncover more than just a few nuggets. 1 Episode, Arthur Hiller Horace Best Judy, Lily Legend, Maggie Hamilton 1 Episode, Lily Cardell 2 Episodes (2012-2012), Mari Aldon 1 Episode, Jack Easton Jr. 3 Episodes (2012-2012), Sam Edwards Jess Watchlist. Sarita Jim Veronique 1 Episode, Arch Johnson Mrs. Kelsey Miller Esdras, Lenny, Squirrel Kathy 1 Episode, Akim Tamiroff 1 Episode, Chuck Courtney 2 Episodes, David Swift 1 Episode, Linda Ho Wagon Train (1957–1965) Series Cast & Crew. Ben Marshal 2 Episodes, Tommy Nolan Frank, George 3 Episodes (2012-2012), L.Q. 1 Episode, Lou Costello 3 Episodes, Nora Marlowe Fogarty 1 Episode, George Ramsey 2 Episodes, Lon Chaney Jr. 1 Episode, Lin McCarthy 1 Episode, Dana Dillaway Bridger, Buzz, Jacob 1 Episode (2012), Allen H. Miner 1 Episode, Mary Murphy Gus 1 Episode, John Locke 1 Episode, Kevin Brodie Dorothea Tracy Sadler Casey, Gantry Stories of the journeys of a wagon train as it leaves post-Civil War Missouri on its way to California through the plains, deserts, and Rocky Mountains. Laura Atwater 1 Episode, Aaron Spelling Bouchette 1 Episode, Carol Rossen 1 Episode, Philip Bourneuf Flint McCullough Mercedes McCambridge. Heatherton Full Cast & Crew: The Emily Rossiter Story (1957) Cast (16) Ward Bond. Judge Bascombe, Pearson, Shegan Julie Chief Two Arrows Dark Eagle Carlos Soldareo, Dan, Indian 2 Episodes, Robert Armstrong Watch Wagon Train - Season 2, Episode 30 - The Duke Le May Story: Flint tries to take an escaped convict back to the law. Jocko 1 Episode, Chuck Connors Duke Lemay Black Panther, Chief Fire Cloud, Dark Eagle, Fire Cloud, Running Horse 1 Episode, X Brands 139 Episodes (1960-2019), Ward Bond 3 Episodes, David Leland 1 Episode, Bob Bryant 1 Episode, Ric Roman Waugh With Robert Horton, John McIntire, Paul Fix, Denny Miller. 1 Episode, Betty Lynn Mitchell, Shutup, Willie Wagon Train 250px Title card Television show information Genre Western Starring Ward Bond Robert Horton John McIntire Robert Fuller Michael Burns Frank McGrath Terry Wilson Scott Miller Country of origin United States Original language(s) English Production Distributor NBCUniversal Television Distribution Broadcast Chronology Applewhite, Finch, Gideon, Mark Applewhite Corwell, Kling Clara 3 Episodes, Ken Mayer 2 Episodes, Craig Duncan Bryngleson, Sergeant Roderick 4 Episodes, Onslow Stevens The show inspired Star Trek. Edwards 1 Episode, Joan Evans 1 Episode, John Ericson 1 Episode, Andy Devine Indian Chief 1 Episode, Marilyn Maxwell 3, Varney, Jimmy, Juan Ortega, Rodney Lawrence, Will Santee, Applewhite, Finch, Gideon, Mark Applewhite, Bettina, Elizabeth McQueeney, Ella Lindstrom, Get your dose of high-wire criminal activity right here, It's easier to be a couple when you don't have to save the world, Without the obvious picks, like Parks and Recreation and the U.K. version of The Office, Check out these heartwarming shows while you wait for word on a new season, From Barry Jenkins' Moonlight to Beyoncé's Homecoming. 6 Episodes, Vivi Janiss 1 Episode (2012), Carol Byron Colonel, Field, Mason Hardy 1 Episode, Norman Willis Benjamin 1 Episode, Steven Geray 1 Episode, Charles Cooper 2 Episodes, Louise Fletcher 1 Episode, K.T. 2 Episodes, Dorothy Provine Grace, Miss Roberts John McIntire, This classy Western followed the trials of a California-bound wagon train after the Civil War. 1 Episode, John Ashley Ward Bond died of a heart attack on November 5, 1960. 1 Episode, Sallie Brophy [3] Its first five seasons were broadcast on the NBC network and the remaining three on ABC. 2 Episodes, Lane Bradford 1 Episode, Doris Kemper So in an attempt to settle it, they temporarily switch jobs. 1 Episode, Linda Lawson 5 Episodes, Barbara Stanwyck Joe Hanley Wamsutta 1 Episode, Rusty Stevens Unfortunately, the two men who offer the use of their wagon plan to steal the treasure they've heard the immigrants are carrying in return for their services. 1 Episode, Murvyn Vye 2 Episodes (2012-2012), Frank Cady Orobio da Costa, Sinclair 2 Episodes, Robert Emhardt 1 Episode, Virginia Mayo There were regulars and some action, but the emphasis was on strong storytelling and top guests such as Bette Davis, Jane Wyman, Ronald Reagan, Lee Marvin and Joseph Cotten. 1 Episode, Jon Locke Patience Directed by (45) Writing credits (129) Cast (1,539) Produced by (11) Music by (40) Cinematography by (15) Film Editing by (30) Art Direction by (6) 1 Episode, Malcolm Atterbury Billy 1 Episode, Ed Begley Anne, Janice, Sister Rita 1 Episode, Kathleen Crowley 1 Episode, Jack Lord Directed by Dick Moder. Sanborn 2 Episodes, Joseph Cotten 1 Episode, Tom Munroe 2 Episodes, Ken Curtis 1 Episode, Nico Minardos Evvie The only extras we see in season 8 are extra Wagons. 1 Episode, Dick Jones Bright Star Wyatt Homer 1 Episode, Jennifer Billingsley Sonny 1 Episode, Harry Stephens 3 Episodes, Paul Fix Si Judith, Kate, Mrs. Stevens Naomi Kaylor Anna Belle, Antonia, Heather 2 Episodes, Dorothy Green 1 Episode, Leif Erickson 1 Episode, Wally Moon Morton 2 Episodes, Rachel Ames 2 Episodes, Mickey Sholdar #1.18) The Elizabeth McQueeny Story(ep. Mr. Peters Adam Liam Fitzmorgan Fenton Canaby Efram Al, Clayton, Donovan Martha 1 Episode, Don Galloway Helen, Sabrina Tucker Efen Chief's Daughter 1 Episode, Nicky Blair 1 Episode, Alan Hale 2 Episodes, Simon Oakland 2 Episodes, Michael Pate 4 Episodes, James Lydon 1 Episode, Lela Bliss Barton 1 Episode, Barbara Bain 1 Episode, Anthony Numkena Vladimir Kathy 2 Episodes, I. Stanford Jolley Horse 1 Episode, Chuck Henderson Watch Wagon Train - Season 3, Episode 23 - The Alexander Portlass Story: A British archaeologist in search of fame and immortality teams up with … Miller 1 Episode, Richard Garland Malachi Hobart is a generous and charitable preacher who may in fact be a con man. 1 Episode, Donald Losby Sutton Beauty Jamison

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