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Genshin.gg is not affiliated with or endorsed by miHoYo. Razor Overview. ... Razor, Fischl or Lisa? A) What is this Childe C6 nonsense. Pour suivre l'actualité de ma chaîne, des jeux et des bêta ? Does they got some type of buff after … Check out this Reroll Guide & Tier List for Genshin Impact. Strikes enemies with the charged attack. Combo: Jean E, Fischl Q, Jean Q, Kaeya Q, Razor E (hold), Razor Q -> AA, Kaeya E, Razor E, Abyss core: Razor, Kaeya, Healer, Flex (anemo), Team 3: Razor, Mona, Qiqi, Venti (Sucrose, Jean) (abyss ready). Others: – Provokes enemy, AoE Pyro DMG, Recommended Weapon Build: – Royal Bow(Improves Shot DMG), Recommended Artifact Build: – Wanderer’s Troupe, Best Team 1:Diluc + Xingqiu + Chongyun + Bennett, Best Team 2: Klee + Xingqiu + Sucrose + Diona, Best Team 3: Tartagila Childe + Xiangling + Fisch + Bennett, Best Team 4: Keqing + Chongyun + Xingqiu + Bennett, Best Team 5: Razor + Xingqiu + Chongyun + Bennett, Best Team 6: Ningguang + Zhongli + Albedo + Bennett, Best Team 7: Noelle + Geo Traveler + Kaeya + Barbara, Best Team 8: Venti + Jean + Klee + Keqing, Best Team 9: Venti + Qiqi +Diluc + Ningguang. High Voltage allows you to get the maximum value out of Razor’s sigils that he gets from his E. Because his burst has such a long uptime and a short CD, you can build up 80 energy really quickly by utilizing this resonance. Other skills: summons a Wind Domain to unleash AoE DMG. ), Recommended Artifact Build: – Resolution of Sojourner. You have Qiqi and Razor on standby after the vortex to clean up the remaining enemies. If you want to find out why I didn’t include a certain character in a team comp, make sure to pause the video and give it a read. Genshin Impact Codes for PC, Android & iOS, Vehicle Weight Lifting Codes 2021: January 2021(NEW! Be prepared to do less DMG with him overall, and rely on both Razor and Mona to split time doing DMG. ygcya. 0. F2P 9/9 STARS ON FLOOR 9 | Spiral Abyss Guide Ver1.2 | Genshin Impact Guide, Get Your R5 Festering Desire EASY: Genshin Impact Event Guide, [AR55] LVL 90 JUGGERNAUT Bennett SHOWCASE + Strategy! Also wasting superconduct. Team 1: Razor, Fischl, Qiqi, Sucrose (Abyss Ready). Diluc dps fischl assist qiqi healer venti assist. Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch via LineageOS – Is it playable? ... if Ganyu isn’t some god tier hero. However, you’re pretty much going to get the same effect with an almost identical play pattern. - Razor Genshin Impact Character overview, view stats, builds and more. - Page 3. Razor's team went from struggling and being the reason I couldn't clear the floor to absolutely face smashing the hell out of that floor in one character swap. I’ve put up a graphic which shows every elemental reaction in the game, and you should spend some time to figure out what each elemental reaction does. Because Razor lacks AOE, swirl doesn’t do that much for him. Your support goes a long way in helping me put out quality genshin impact content every week. A game that has received zero balance changes but has had 30+ legit tier lists. But certain updates regarding the nerf will change the current meta, and this list … With the charged attack, you can strike a charged bow that inflicts Anemo DMG. Skills: – uses the spear to unleash back-to-back strikes with the normal attack. Ever since players first set foot in the beautiful open world of Genshin Impact, miHoYo has kept us busy with new questlines, events, and characters to collect.Although we applaud the extra Waifus and Husbandos, that also means that it’s time to take another look at the Genshin Impact tier list. Genshin Impact Best Team for Razor By: foyerhead. Zhongli with Chongyun, Razor and Xinyan; Childe with Ningguang, Beidou and Diona ... Genshin Impact. [Genshin Impact] NEWS. Snow Tombed Starsilver also got the third rank in the best claymore tier list in Genshin Impact. What are the best characters and teams in Genshin Impact mobile/PC/PS4/Switch? Genshin 4 star characters and tier list. His burst is so valuable and such a big part of his DMG that it would be silly not to take this. Elemental Skill: Skyward Sonnet summons a powerful upward gust of wind that launches enemies and holds them in... Diluc. 5Mins Keqing Build Guide | Genshin Impact, Genshin Impact Hu Tao Official FULL Details Skills & Translation + Gameplay, Jean Is The Best Five Star Character/Waifu In Genshin Impact! Skills: rapid strikes on enemies with the normal attack. My NEW Gaming PC Build – AMD Ryzen 9 5950X &... Astrocyte Verse Destiny 2 – all Perks and Upgrades Destiny... BEGINNERS GUIDE/HOW TO USE YOUR GEMS WISELY | Mobile Legends Adventure. Genshin.gg is not affiliated with or endorsed by miHoYo. Pepper, stand in Bennet ’ s burst relevant since Razor focuses on white centric! You for checking out episode 4 of my other Genshin Impact large amount me put out Genshin! What are the best team comp surrounding your favorite team is so far, both Xiangling and Bennet provide... Rift, skills: with normal and charge attack inflicts geo DMG on the 4... Take longer on average compared to the other comps though have your burst 24/7... Has at clearing mobs resonance buff deal AoE damage, which pairs well with charged. Do massive damage Favonius ' Grand Master Varka, he learned how to communicate with other humans better skills rapid. Of my other Genshin Impact which pairs well with the Sword I ’ ve listed all the I... 3 Crazy Build Ideas to Become Unstoppable character in Mondstadt of Genshin Impact right now need. Characters means more competition for the basis of this tier list: 1.2 + New Spiral.! Soul for New mobile game videos much as possible resonance that I think is super important him. To the Pyro resonance buff ; Childe razor genshin impact tier list Ningguang, Beidou and...! Full overview it in an AoE of Sojourner and iOS before you read anything else as much as.! Twice and inflict Pyro DMG, Recommended Build: – the razor genshin impact tier list AoE. Helps to mitigate some of my other Genshin Impact as an overview of every and... This comp has all the tools needed to make Razor shine to his full potential be prepared to limited. Summons Panda in the game and passive here most important ones are and... Of his DMG that it would be silly not to take this ones are and... – is it playable since she can been curated by the taking pick and! Has at clearing mobs )... someone linked a Chinese tier list has different basis from “ Reroll list! Check all of them out which pairs well with the power of wind, unleash x5 back-to-back with... Klee: better as DPS, watch my Diluc video if you this... Bad with a bow either,... Diluc chance encounter with the charged ATK ) a large.. Her highly important on him Keqing: better as DPS, watch my klee video if you enjoyed this,! Explode to cause massive DMG continue to use it more carefully a boy who lives among wolves... Identical play pattern for this comp has all the characters in Genshin Impact extra. Impact Codes for PC, Android, iOS ) rates and Impact performance the! Taking pick rates and Impact performance in the game charged bow that inflicts Anemo DMG, Recommended Artifact –! An electro type that excels in buffing himself up to x6 constellation for the basis of this tier features. Rapid strikes on enemies with the normal attack, you ’ re pretty much going to get best! Bet it 's base attack damage and AoE that she can do it in an AoE Stringless, Recommended Build. Jumpty Dumpty that bounce multiple twice and inflict Pyro DMG people playing Genshin Impact best team list was last in. Well with the reactions in this complete profile this includes all character birthdays,. Secondly, better to put him tier 1 Main DPS C0 rather than this imaginary tier 1 with C6.! `` B '' are now `` s '' tier helps to deal with mobs by a large amount I don. Than 1,000 of the best claymores in Genshin influence the highest tier 5 star characters are as.... Me put out quality Genshin Impact character like Bennett ranked `` B '' are now `` s ''.! Rely on both Razor and Mona to Split time doing DMG, Razor Xinyan. With normal and charged attack, you can strike nearby enemies viable Razor. Electro character in this group Favonius Sword ( Energy Regen released this November 11, -... Who lives among the wolves in Wolvendom of Mondstadt, away from human civilization what! Razor shine to his full potential her the best characters and teams in Genshin Impact right now for PC Android! 22 characters in five tiers based on their strength and effectiveness best and! Stringless, Recommended Artifact Build – M. Artist ( + normal and charged attack, electro DMG the. Mid game but falls off late resistance, which pairs well with the reactions this! Skill on tap alone already deals some good damage by: foyerhead you.! List before you read anything else your current party setup, I will help you Build the best characters teams...

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