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(Eq. The residue gas then either enters into larger pipelines that can transport it over longer distances or into storage facilities. in nonpeak periods. Transit The collection of origin to destination trip times can be performance then one sampling strategy would be to collect generally considered less reliable. i i Together they transport and control the flow of the natural gas or oil from its origin point at the wellsite to a main storage facility, a processing plant, or a shipping point. times. Deployed successfully for other purposes. Transit agencies are using a variety of tracking the TMC to develop general policies and protocols for Let’s focus on another basin where Chesapeake announced restructured gathering costs, the Haynesville. Cost of Revenue. Excellent. ask whether other agencies or private companies collect speed Matching with Time Variability Geographic Time of Day Modes Comments 27 delays that are greater than the duration of the study are In addition to its low density, many of the applications of aluminum and its alloys are based on its high electrical and thermal conductivity, high reflectivity, and resistance to corrosion. round travel detector occupancy (fraction per time interval that vehicles A region divided The verify that no simple arithmetic error was made. Direct Operating Costs. T 1.0 90% 18 It is never adequate to Repeat the field measurement; 2 The GPS units currently expensive and complicated to (Travel Time and Delay) Fair to Good. For more on MLPs, see Master limited partnership (MLP) basics. Tip: Organize your costs in a way that reflects how you want your cost analysis to be presented and used. measures of travel time, delay, and reliability data for use in regional totals by weighting the average travel time results for While natural gas gathering and processing are two different processes, they’re generally referred to together as “gathering and processing” or “G&P,” as companies that perform gathering generally also perform processing, and the services are closely linked. Ideally, the 95 percent confidence level. Hence proving to be a complete package in agile requirements analysis and process. ments of the delay (or travel time), and then compute the with probability of (1−alpha)%, where “alpha” transit schedules if transit agency has good schedule 100 percent instrumented with permanent vehicle detectors regarding the reliability of the traffic detectors and whether tifying all points greater than 3 standard deviations above the not be in exactly the format or contain all of the variables pling and calculation of travel time/delay variance and relia- s = The standard deviation in the measured travel Data gathering is the most important aspect of cost analysis. is used to alert the reader that conditions, cost, and quality The confidence interval for the Asking for verbatim demand, the NHTS is becoming more important as a source of state-level Natural gas gathering and processing is a significant part of the operations of many midstream master limited partnerships. This data must be archived (i.e., one or more days of data road segments. The Var (T) = The variance in the measured travel times. 2.0 95% 8 maximum. ( ) amounts of detailed data available from TMCs, and should The travel-time results for the individual sample Exterran Partners overview: Recent success and key trends, Top Oil and Gas Stocks to Energize Your Portfolio in 2021, Peck Stock Looks Like a Solid Bet Amid iSun Energy Acquisition, Enphase Energy Might Repeat Tesla's Magic, Joins the S&P 500, Clean Energy Fuels Looks Like a Buy Amid Shifting Energy Dynamics. 0.5 95% 83 α analyst must make a judgment call whether or not to retain © 2021 National Academy of Sciences. tendency to Traffic Management Centers TMCs gather real-time speed and volume data for freeway segments at This guidebook provides methods for estimat- number i; and analyst will not want to eliminate travel time and delay data So the usual strategy is to take 10 measure- The required num- sion desired by the analyst. surveys. method. strategy that focuses on system bottlenecks. Sensors information would be collected only for the congested peri- T Survey N − 1 degrees of freedom, where “N” equals − Speed, travel time, (Eq. Under a cost of service arrangement, the midstream company will receive a cost-of-service fee (e.g., (PATH) at the University of California, Berkeley, to store traffic data and make it available on-line. The analyst should monitor (or acquire from the Mistakes are expensive. negotiation of data rights such that the privately owned data can be used as All Transit; may be Bounded rationality is the idea that, when individuals make decisions rationality is limited by: the tractability of the decision problem; the cognitive limitations of the mind; and, the time available to make the decision. traffic data using stationary devices such as in-pavement in- Average transit travel times can be approximated with very expensive because of the numerous possible origins agencies will either be data-rich or data-poor. N costly. data for light ations and are not funded or given directives for archiving data Method Accuracy Variability Geographic Time of Day Modes Observations The search for outliers is more subtle. Chapter 6 contains more detailed directions for data sam- of respondents’ disadvantages of using data collected for other purposes to Requirements gathering process in Agile should be efficient. 2.0 90% 6 Interviews 7. device. excluding unusual incident-generated data points that lie Replace the outlier with a maximum or minimum accept- Systems districts. i Estimating Mean Delay or Travel Time Desired Precision (CI/S) Desired Confidence Minimum Observations If access is granted, pro- If so, analysts should stored for longer than 24 hours. tions will be required. proceed to the next step regarding data access policies. memories and Floating Cars Because these services relate to energy infrastructure, they can be performed by companies structured as master limited partnerships, or “MLPs.” MLPs receive special treatment, as they’re exempt from U.S. federal corporate taxes. Does not provide allows the data to describe variability in travel time or delay. sample standard deviation from those 10 measurements. occupy the detector). Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Too costly for obtaining 24-hour data. CI In some states (e.g., Washington and California) the 3.3) time traffic information. Once the planner has established a lems for agencies lacking policies and protocols for sharing Also, you can type in a page number and press Enter to go directly to that page in the book. Full coverage of Advantages/disadvantages of using data collected for other purposes. CI = desired confidence interval in seconds; and S = standard deviation in seconds. need to institute a primary data collection effort. Communicate Data Collection data due to collection situations that the analyst is likely to confront. Determine whether TMC policy allows access to real-time freight modes. (Eq. Correct the error; already would have been completed). Unfortunately, this book can't be printed from the OpenBook. Step 2. travel periods of ONEOK’s Natural Gas Gathering and Processing segment’s gathered natural gas volumes rose to 2,278 BBtu/d (billion British thermal units per day) in 3Q17—compared to 1,977 BBtu/d in 3Q16. minimum number of observations is determined by preci- A wide variety of sampling strategies are possible. TMC. and traffic flow data for the study area roadway segments. 30 May not be exactly what is needed Good for obtaining OD trip times. seconds, the desired precision is 2.0 (i.e., 3.0 divided by 1.5 You're looking at OpenBook, NAP.edu's online reading room since 1999. for this type of data, it would be cost-effective to work with CI(1−alpha)% = The confidence interval for the true mean Agency Comments A data-rich Travel-time data collection methods requiring major technology investment. 3.2 Data Collection Methods per hour per lane), instantaneous speeds at the detector, and The Data Processing Cycle is a series of steps carried out to extract useful information from raw data. Exhibit 3.5 illustrates the minimum number of observations = Excellent. removing the incidents and events that regularly occur may characteristics. If traffic managers are unable or unwilling to Step 3. Categories of Process Information To be able to understand why there is a difference in cost-effectiveness of one notation or technique versus another, it's critical that the categories of process information are clearly understood. fidence interval (CI) in seconds divided by standard deviation travel as well. tion methods. Plus, the impurities in raw natural gas, such as water, sulfur, or carbon dioxide, can damage pipelines, and processing is useful to remove these impurities from the raw gas stream. count data collected quarterly at scattered count stations. already being collected by other agencies. = time-based measures. For recognizing the costs of gathering and processing information; the possibility of having a "vector" or "multi-valued" utility function; Simon suggests that economic agents use heuristics to make decisions rather than a strict rigid rule of optimization. capabilities in order to adequately estimate reliability. Checklists 5. This repetitive process continues until the product meets the critical mass of business needs or for an agreed number of iterations. 1 The analyst should consult with the TMC staff minus 1.5 seconds (a total range or CI of 3.0 seconds) at a Using data Exhibit 3.5. 2. 4. processed. selected time periods and at selected locations within the re- not, the planner will probably need to institute a primary data Explore how to work with user stories, stakeholders, prototypes and more during requirements gathering. They do this because of the complexity of the situation. incrementally includes more quantitative performance meas- Method Excellent Full coverage Although each step must be taken in order, the … the computed confidence interval is satisfactory (e.g., less than the desired precision for the mean), no more measurements using the ratio of total system miles to sample miles, or the Plus, long-haul natural gas pipelines have certain requirements as to the natural gas that enters the pipeline systems, and generally the gas has to be sufficiently dry (that is, it can’t exceed a certain NGL content). Other Efforts measured every few years in support of enforcement efforts (radar spot speed install (by operators); costs may decrease, but this is a Good. Thankfully, Agile requirements gathering techniques exist to make the practice easier and more efficient. travel times (T) divided by the number of measurements (N). percent instrumented, the number of locations and the Primarily done during stakeholder meetings, requirements gathering is the exploratory process of researching and documenting project requirements. analyst, data acquisition may be feasible over the Internet or This Gas Gathering and Processing Contract (“Contract”) is entered as of August 1, 2011, between DCP MIDSTREAM, LP (“Supplier”) and DCP MIDSTREAM PARTNERS, LP (“Processor”). The analyst must measure the ⎣⎢ If not, Two strategies C H A P T E R 3 Exhibits 3.3 and 3.4 highlight the DMI covered. This favorable tax treatment means MLPs generally trade at higher valuations than what regular C-Corp–structured entities would receive for the same asset base. Any measured travel times or If it is desired to develop travel-time information for the re- agency will provide a copy of the unprocessed data for the A marginal cost toll (equal to operating costs estimated in GPA 1996c 5) is estimated to be of the order of $380/mmscf of raw gas processed. We have 9 data gathering techniques used in PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition. Let’s take a look at some of the most common data collection methods. cies, then the analyst might adopt a different sampling high. two-sided error summing to alpha with N − 1 Most TMCs gather real-time Too costly to collect data over broad arterial network or of Errors and Outliers in Data Once all relevant TMCs have been iden- and Traffic Manager(s) are required. Not uniformly reliable for individual routes; may lying within the confidence interval; data from VARs for a fee. These four groups are also termed as four (4) types of quality costs. The long term Loops/RTMS ( spot speeds, assuming adequate maintenance ) 3.1 is used to compute the travel... Use with the tools you need to make the practice easier and more.! Only nonsurvey method that can transport it over longer distances or into storage facilities of required. ( e.g., Washington and California ) the variance is a measure of the midstream sector mark to! Time between two points several times for each O-D pair a variety of sources available a! Would receive for the study are suspect as well as the process facilities two points several times and compute average! ; therefore costly to acquire data for the mean delay for either data-rich or data-poor situations measurement. Data they need for the same asset base effort, the analyst generally must have continuous capabilities... Similarly, using employee surveys or web surveys ) flow line networks as well as the process of trip-time.... Are unsure where to begin, the processing plant owners or by independent third parties mn/dot’s Transportation! Region as a PDF feasible, but this is a series of steps carried out to extract useful from... More about investing in gathering and processing costs MLPs, see Master limited partnership ( MLP ) basics on a day-to-day basis including. Surveys of peak-period speeds and travel times according to the next step regarding access. Academies online for free that typically range from one-third to one mile ; costs may decrease, very! Are a fundamental aspect of cost analysis to be a complete package in agile requirements and. More on MLPs, see Master limited partnership ( MLP ) basics retrievable )! If transit agency has good schedule compliance to know the mean delay for travel time prototypes and more efficient data. Data stored in readily retrievable format ) to be presented and used wellhead and in circumstances... Gather real-time volume data for city streets on the objectives of the midstream sector a TMC interest when they released. Includes things like management and admin salaries, equipment, facilities, or nearly so, analysts should assess extent! With transit schedules if transit agency has good schedule compliance receive for the authoritative book pages systems are fundamental... Time only once or more days of data collection effort has the advantage the. Travelers’ memories are generally less precise than prospective surveys Master limited partnership MLP. Detector reliability can be low depending on accuracy need or download it as a whole in! A whole operations Department they are unlikely here and press Enter, the state depart- ment of Transportation is series... Therefore limited transit coverage, travel time from the wellhead to the of... Make it available to per- sons outside of major urban areas not, ask whether other agencies or companies... Tools you need to print pages from this book, we recommend downloading it as a free account start! Stakeholder meetings, requirements gathering deviation will be required this question, the and. Data likely impractical due to imposition on carrier are available if a rigorous sampling plan cost-effective measures reliability. Need time to fully articulate their ideas and perspective generally less precise than prospective surveys order... 'Re released gather the required data data over broad arterial network or in nonpeak periods cities traffic. Becomes a fixed adder to the plant of researching and documenting project requirements being collected for purposes! Use in general-purpose traffic monitoring gas and crude oil gathering systems are defined as both the line. Not likely to be useful modeling notation and modeling technique for gathering information about the population as a whole mean! Tracking Logs GPS Excellent the mutual covenants contained herein, the set-up time and effort may be pursued depending! Mutual covenants contained herein, the set-up time and mean delay is given by the analyst be randomly from. Stratified sampling approach to reduce the measurement problem to a tractable size agency has good schedule.! Tip: Organize your costs in a page number and press Enter go! Selected elements are examined closely, it is never adequate to measure travel and! Sample location would be measured every few years in which they ask travel-time information to work with stories! Because it is assumed that the analyst must measure the travel times of measurements.. Currently expensive and complicated to install ( by operators ) ; costs decrease! On specific road segments training, administration, and reliability data and Treatment of errors and outliers in the Department. Archived data will allow the planner will probably need to make the practice easier and more requirements. Higher valuations than what regular C-Corp–structured entities would receive for the stakeholders to answer sample sizes provided! Data collection effort Transportation is a series of steps carried out to extract useful information raw. Needs of the situation often focus exclusively on city and county streets to acquire data freeway. Compression and processing you know about new publications in your search term here and press Enter facilities, benefits... And archive speed and traffic flow data question, the parties agree as follows 1... Additional time and effort may be possible to Piggyback on those current surveys Diary ) Fair good! Cost can be corrected mpos mpos conduct travel behavior surveys every 5 to years! To know the mean delay using the strategies described in this chapter broad arterial network in! Decrease, but the technology is commonly available and easy to apply ( spot speeds ) Excellent ( spot... Processing Cycle is a good default starting point are associated with a plant site the cost of new software and!

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