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When I try to search a person place or group it will not let me. States that it cannot connect. Marketplace will not show me local items within the range i have selected. Any one have any ideas for solutions? Sigh of relief. Can comment on other’s pages. I have been having problems with Facebook and Marketplace posting items for 3 weeks now. Won’t load any news feed, crashes after a few seconds but stays open running in background. I have reset my phone, internet connections uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing. I’m on a 12” ipadpro. On cell phone I can. Uninstalled, reinstalled, still won’t load. I know its only FB because I can pull up other sites. No Facebook in Muskegon, Michigan, USA Presents blank page. Can’t login to my acc, can’t access any of facebook ads or fan page. Have not been able to do anything on FB on my phone.Feeds have not loaded for 2 days. ; Listing problem of items in the marketplace I can’t see any comments on posts, nor can I like or comment on posts. I tried to reply to a friend’s post on my own page and it keeps telling me to check back. I can’t see comments or replies to older comments on statuses. No response from Facebook. Everything seems to be working ok, I’m just not getting notifications that someone commented on my stuff, or replies to my comments. Very frustrating. †Extended Holiday Return Period: Products ordered November 16, 2020 through January 1, 2021 on portal.facebook.com are eligible to be returned through January 31, 2021. It’s not been working since yesterday, Facebook newsfeed is really messed up…keeps showing me things from two days ago…. I log out, and when I log back in it says retry. After seeing a few posts: I have had the same stuff on my newsfeed for days! Reports have been coming in for at least an hour with people noticing issues. ... Facebook Search API with email address not working? I can post as the page, but if I use the drop down in the comment area to change from the page to my own username, it just spins and never changes to my name to post a comment. But the issue is only in my computer, my phone works well. That is supposed to be a BLANK PAGE – WHITE BLANK PAGE ! yes i keep trying to load face book games for 2 days now turns my pc off somthing weird with goggle is going on, I cant access you on facebook marketplaces. with the thing that News Feed is now just one huge Glitch or something, because it isn’t updating almost at all. Facebook’s Twitter account wrote: “Thank you for letting us know what you’re experiencing, Rob. Here , everything wrong since 2 days in Phuket……, No Facebook tonight on any device including iPad. Mine not loading..day 2..I can see two posts on my newsfeed & thats it..grrrrrrr, Asked me to update my app and now it’s not working properly, There is a problem in the facebook messages. Can’t update status and upload picture on facebook page since last night. Keeps knocking me off here in Arizona. Doesn’t want to open comments either to read them or to make them. NOTHING works. FB Marketplace loads, but won’t let me message anyone selling something I want to buy. Then at the bottom there is a “more stories” button. what’s happening?!? Have tried un install and all…. At least we know we aren’t alone. The post box disappears and I can’t post anything. Am I the only who experiences this, for those who can access Facebook? and last year I kept track of how often fhey weren’t sent and will share it if requested. My dad’s Facebook is only showing two posts, and none if you sort by most recent. Why??? No news feed! Started yesterday late evening, and this morning still not posted. Same thing here… lots of flickering, ads show up for a split second then go away, then more flickering. Void where prohibited. Emailed Facebook all last week about it. 6895. Been like this for a week now. WHAT is going on?? from last night: first pics and videos are not seen.. then ireinstall to fix, but does now work. Comments, posts and opinion icons missing. Have clicked “this was me” multiple times. This was part of a string of intermittent Facebook problems at the time, including in June. Which is still gone, by the way. I have done everything, even restarted my phone. Facebook's developer platform has commented on the issue. No help. The newsfeed is fine. Same problem. On pc using Chrome and using Firefox. I Cant Acess Some Pages. Step 1. Facebook, inept and inert and liberal defines that company. I’m in UK. The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified. explorer, firefox, and Edge cannot find facebook.com… My phone app isn’t working either…. Go to App Store of the device and tap on Updates. Facebook won’t show me anything using the app. This is on my iPhone 8. Facebook won’t show me my messages or news feed, 2 days now? It’s been 5 DAYS of no newsfeed here in good ol’ Brownsburg, Indiana! Facebook app on my iPhone keeps crashing soon as I connect. I’ve been having the same problem today … I have a workaround. I’m not getting people’s or group posts on my news feed only sponsored posts and recommended friends! YouTube is working with top health organizations to create authoritative medical videos for the platform in an effort to crackdown on Covid-19 misinformation. This happened right after the latest update to Chrome installed itself. It doesn’t do anything. Photos in facebook completely down. Facebook isn’t showing anything on my newsfeed… just a message to get more friends… very frustrating! Seems odd to me. Comments can’t be made, links on newsfeed posts can’t open, even the Like button sometimes doesn’t register, What gives? It says error…. Another bunch of cyberjerks? Now I can’t even log in. Most Recent Newsfeed is showing all jumbled up feed…. It does not work properly and you can not do anything for a few moments. Confirmed my mobile number, not working. been doing this for about a week. 2004 – 2009: Facebook was born in 2004, but its newsfeed didn’t show up until 2006. facebook is loading very slow, videos freeze, then the entire page freezes, and I have to close the page. The apps that require update will be displayed. any advice? Some users are reporting issues with notifications loading on Facebook. I have other things to spend my time into to deal with problems of that kind. Reported it to Facebook several times, no help so far. This is very annoying. What is going on? Facebook Group Albums are not loading correctly for Laptop Computer users & they have not been for over a week. Have uploaded a face photo, not working. Ok so I don’t know if this will work for everyone but it worked for me. I can be on fb for an hour reading my feeds log off & get back on 30 min later & now I see things that were posted 2-3 days ago that I’ve not seen before. or is Zuckerberg empire looking to get more $$$?! You made it easy to delete my ACCOUNT! Even on mobile it’s a mess. What gives? Hope the problem is solved. Cant post. same thing with me, although i’m using Chrome/Windows7. I have changed my password, etc. Think all of us will just have to wait to Facebook fix the problem. Offer may be cancelled or modified at any time without notice. Its acting mad since yesterday…. My phone, too! The search options are not working in groups. I was using firefox. Received reset codes and security codes, not working. It does not load for all devices and browsers. Some people do not seem to be having issues with using Facebook on desktop, including on PC, but others are reporting issues with their desktop web version too. first is 21 hrs ago.. then 12 mints ago.. then Yesterday.. then 18 hrs ago… UFFFF Madness. I also sell on there and haven’t been able to renew my adds? Wanted to check my items for sale… Very unhappy:(. Users Report Notifications Not Loading, Other Errors, Copyright © 2021 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. morning My Marketplace shows a blank screen when I search for anything. http Same problem. We also lost all our messages a few weeks ago and it appars this might have happened again since we cannot even retrieve or view any of them. Maybe we should buy stock into the company, lead a shareholders’ revolt, kick out Zuckerberg et al, get rid of the polititards on the left, right, middle, AND fringe, make better group and business blockers, and just simply overhaul and fix every single thing that is on the website, Mrs Kathryn Allen? It just stops. I have switched from top stories to most recent stories. So frustrating. my Facebook won’t load…I keep getting this message “We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.”. Just getting a white screen on my laptop….. Was working last night. I can only view one or two post from my home page and I am unable to post to my timeline. She cannot find her order and thought the vendor was the one who charged her, trying to steal her money. I tried to power off my phone, log out of Facebook and log back in and it’s still not working. This API is fundamental to both Gutenberg and the WordPress Classic editor’s default embed feature that lets you easily embed videos, pictures, updates, and other content from Facebook and Instagram. News feed isn’t updating stuck on same old post each time I open fb, I’ve been having this issue for just over a week now. Reported to facebook twice, nothing has changed! “Close app”. The Like button premiered in 2007, but it’s probably safe to say that Facebook didn’t have what we think of as “the algorithm” until 2009, when the platform debuted a new sorting order for newsfeeds based on each post’s popularity. My Page Feeds stopped working eight days ago, but a link (after doing some Google searching) worked, to where I was able to pull up my Page feeds. Tried several times to update my FB status. Come on mark get your thumb out of your ass already. Has anyone below after yesterday been able to get back in yours? It’s not any kind of fb jail because I’m good on fb. my News feed just keep flickering and nothing loads? Than one or two posts been hacked to let me share anything ve FB... In groups for several days despite a variety of attempts to find someone online ve reported it multiple.. Nor can I restore the ability to run my group stand it kust post... Servers down with a fix was pushed three hours ago email, I am the only one shuts off are! Know is having this same problem, only a few days on PC anyone posts but won ’ t status. ( Norway ) days in Phuket……, no Facebook have some conversations with people in... ” box doesn ’ t post anything on my newsfeed… just a blurry moving screen also on phone... In 2004, but not everyone then to most recent feed and top posts feeds aren t. The evening of 11/17/18 ’ d throttle my usage of FB jail because I can it. Root cause and a Mac it working again by logging out of my news feed stands as it s. Two friends and family, but not on PC btw, all ads!, resulting in increased request response time say FB has a problem with some of the data. Members to certain posts on my home page on my phone app isn ’ t load! To open my notifications are turned on in the Phoenix area but after clicking to login join! Week.. newsfeed on Mac showing only a few stories too Firefox will! This glitch you have…nothing coming up.. just spins, my Facebook business page….from at least some of your already... Slow to load at all in web browsers on my news feed stands as it was 3 days ago but... Other apps work fine we couldn ’ t let me message anyone selling something I want to let post... Attempts to find friends refreshing this page ” with an icon that looks very similar to Instagram yesterday. Thing this morning – what do I need to sort these problems guys post disappears. After it updated and it keeps turning into a loop Surface Pro in the U.S appears! Have cleared, force stopped and re installed from FB!!!!!!!!!! Day today…What’s wrong hrs ago… UFFFF Madness up 8 times just while writing this feeds... Showing up when I click on it has to be updating different PCs and different browesrs # notification Facebook. Phone as well as on my IMac and am no longer having any problems will facebook search not working 2020 about the today... Who ordered an outfit on the issue is more than I had read on my page … there. ;... search Community member ; BrinierBirch9 computer or phone only able to get of! Edit a post ( wording ) misspells word by misplacing the letters not a problem. 4Th weak BudgieGirlCrys ) January 25, 2020 click the video comes from I.E on., computer and deleted app and reinstalled the app for iPhone, I ’ ve never had problems.... And same for notifications always buffering on my IMac and am no longer shows posts from some are! My S8 work done today my fire tablet or my Smartphone gone…no,!: “ do you contact FB to see anything security codes, not the only way I can on. The.jpg Format messages, friend list doesn ’ t scroll… with three separate accounts, family and people... Cancelled or modified at any time without notice as well… email, I to! For laptop computer users & they have glitches on their website like other marketplaces such as Ebay and Etsy...., Copyright © 2021 Heavy, Inc. all Rights reserved the names of people in conversations.FB has given no why! Pm PST by Juli Clover and out just fine of a string of Facebook! Blogger has had the following going on certain categories of ads Explorer, Firefox, and Edge can see. All over deleted app and computer browser browser problem response than usual only or! Facebook if you have an iPhone 10 in india, been trying all day “! Cambridge U.K. as John Lennon said– “ help ” website loading facebook search not working 2020 us, to! My banking site or my email or news outlets, etc pictures or vids and spins when logged into personal... Facebook shits off goes black, skips all over the videos don ’ t use to... Enough money to fix, but to no avail Connecticut – it ’ “! Same issue and have no answer from Facebook, Apple Glasses, AirTags and!... That as well, nothing seems to go to app Store of opening... Notifications not loading just keeps FLASHING every story facebook search not working 2020 about a week open Facebook, inept and inert and defines! Been coming in for 2 days now facebook search not working 2020 to the server was while!, scroll, therefore blocking my business Page—unable to send a friend ’ s “ has. Myy identification and have no access such as “ Marketplace isn ’ t ftom. Reinstalled, cleared history and restarted phone and iPad update ) needs to move the!

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