cat c15 boost sensor mod

styles depending on your engine. Free shipping on many items ... 194-6725 GENUINE OEM CAT OIL PRESSURE SENSOR CATERPILLAR 1946725 C15 MXS BXS. parts. Here is something else to think about – the older 425-B Cat engine, which was mechanical, had aluminum pistons, did not smoke on cold start-ups, achieved good fuel mileage, made great power, started easily, had long engine life, and only had one wire going to the engine to run it, produced 19.3 horsepower per pound of turbo boost! We’ll tell you if your engine will be compatible. Menu. ANSWER: Yes it will. Use it on 3406E, C15, and C16 engines. They are weather tight and are made to last. one goes to the fuel temp sensor and the other to the boost sensor. Free CAT Schematics. So this new truck I'm getting has a 550hp MXS in it, the fuel temp resistor mod has been done, but I hear there's a boost sensor mod too.....someone care to explain this to me? So we built a boost pressure sensor setup that we can have the passenger in the truck turn to trick the ecm on the boost pressure. parts. Cat doesn't put resistors in line for their sensors. Will also give you better fuel mileage. you want to be able to control from inside the cab look at my adjustable set. $149.99. Im a rookie when it comes to diesel engines. LONG ECM HARNESSES FOR ON TRUCK PROGRAMMING, This little harness does away with turbo Also will work on C10 and C12 engines. Recently we’ve had an influx of calls and questions about turbo upgrades for C15 Caterpillars. be removed just as easily. are outlined in Table 6-2. You can also put a 5k resistor in green wire on boost sensor this will give you better response ... as "power harness" for like $50 to $100 dollars you can do it for about 6 bucks.There is also a trick for fuel temp sensor havent messed with 2 wire like on C15 but if you have 3 wire cut ... ( and if anything else is necessary for the mod.) Skip to content. Just went to the CAT dealer to try to get my engine brakes fixed (Turns out they are PAC brakes, OUCH). Sensor and actuator functions for this and the earlier Cat system. 2006 379xhd FlatTop C15 … I have a 2006 Cat C-15 ACERT Twin Turbo. Code is 55 which translates to no code. when it it is in this "mode", I notice that the boost gauge reads approx. Shop Caterpillar 3406E/C15 Pressure Sensors at Highway and Heavy Parts®. Also there is no blue smoke normally associated with a bad turbo. They are weather tight. The Cat ® C15 Industrial Diesel Engine is offered in ratings ranging from 354-433 bkW (475-580 bhp) @ 1800-2100 rpm. I have an 08 c15 accert 550hp. You will get the Adjustable Boost cable and the Fuel temp cable. Very simple to The FRC fuel limit doesn't come up either. MXS engines I need complete serial number. I was driving my 2002 Beaver home and lost a lot of power and noticed I had 0 turbo boost pressure. truckers who are looking to make their Cats run a little better. I have sold many of these harnesses and have had lots of good feed back and a lot of referrals. You run this inside the cab and mount on the dash. Unplug the sensor and install this cable inbetween the sensor and OEM harness. Please correct your input in the following fields: Error while sending the form. 95% of the time the engine doesn't make enough power to pull a small grade in overdrive. Figure 6-14 shows the location of EMS components on the C-10 and C-12 engines. Very simple to install. Additionally, this part is quality tested for durability and greater performance. lag, and gives you more power and torque faster. Depending on what resistor you use, you can fool the ECM into thinking it is seeing boost which normally wouldn't be there in the lower rpm range, so it should allow maximum fuel from off idle. Log In/Register. 2-Year Unlimited Mileage Parts & Labor Warranty, Delivery in 2-Days or Less to most areas. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Free shipping. Cylinder Seals. There is no diagnostic code. While driving the truck monitoring with Cat ET and some manual gauges we get about 4 psi boost max. or Best Offer. The idea is to put resistance in the fuel temp and boost sensors wiring to trick the ecm into a little more fuel and faster fuel. Checked the air filter it was fine, what else should I look for. Caterpillar Adjustable power set, add HP and MPG Air Conditioning Kits. ... there are 2 harnesses. 88.81 $ Add To Cart. If You Are looking for more power at highway truckers who are looking to make their Cats run a little better. Sensors Shop Supplies Tires Undercarriage Upgrades and Enhancements ... Work Area Vision System (WAVS) Buying Options Cat Reman Products Cat® Certified Rebuild Yellowmark™ SHOP BY CATEGORY. Cat® Certified Rebuild. Competition Diesel.Com - Bringing The BEST Together, Send a private message to greenthunder7.3, If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the. simply installs in the fuel temp sensor mounted on top of the fuel filter housing located on the side of the engine. c15 not just a lack of power, but NO power Posted: Sat Mar 3, 2012 2:13:55 PM. . speeds, then this is the harness you need! I put a resistor in the boost wire on a 2ws, it smokes a little but its way more responsive, runs more like a mechanical. This harness runs at full boost increase, if This morning the truck was sluggish. 0 psi on turbo boost. Details about Faster turbo boost Caterpillar Cat Power wire harness C15 Kenworth Pete 3406 . So its not even worth trying, I don't want to be a class 8 flat biller. 102-04 Boost Pressure Sensor Short Circuit 25 253-11 Check Transmission Customer Parameters 56. Be careful of others that are made cheaply. Will Work on 1994-2008 engines, MXS engines I need copmlete 105-00 High Intake Manifold Temp Warning 64 253-14 Truck Manufacturer Parameter Not Programmed 56. If you have any questions about your engine or if it isn’t one of those, call us. There are two different style harnesses. All connections are soldered and sealed with heat shrink tubing. I did a fuel wire mod using a 150ohm resistor a few days ago. Attachments. I havent done the boost sensor mod, but before the tune I did the fuel temp sensor mod and shimmed the fuel pump to 110psi at 1800rpm. I have sold many of these boost harnesses and have had lots of good feed back and a lot of referrals. lag, and gives you more power and torque faster. install. ... Unplug the sensor and install this cable in-between the sensor and OEM harness. Ensure that your vehicles engine is in proper working order with Dorman's direct replacement Turbocharger Boost Sensor. Farm equipment, Medium Duty, Big Rigs, and other General discussion can be found in here. Use it on 3406E, C15, and C16 engines. Just had the top end rebuilt 15,000 miles ago 970,000 on odometer. Will Work on 1994-2008 engines. Made a very noticable difference. We could simulate 0-63 psi. Sensors for Cat® Equipment including Pressure, Temperature, Fuel Level, Speed, Position, and Oxygen. Made a very noticable difference. The turbo harness works mainly on acceleration and some at highway speeds. The turbo boost cable has a 10 foot lead and adjustable control. Batteries. Smart-Simple Savings-Built For It. (See picture) You will need to let me know your engine serial # and I will get you the correct cable. _____________________________________________________________. These are quality made, using new factory parts. ... 102-03 Boost Pressure Sensor Open Circuit 25 253-02 Check Customer or System Parameters 56. I have an MXS also. Vacuum Booster ; Vacuum Pump ... Cat C15 Sensor - NEW Item: DOR 904-7027. Can There are three different number. Fields marked with * are required. This has been a really good seller for Will work on 1993 and newer C15 and C16 engines. the kit is saving me a ton of $ ($500/week) and i just want to see if anyone knows of any issues it may cause my engine down the road. Cabs. Caterpillar Engine, Temperature and Pressure Sensor. Typically from 1994 to 2008. Order Genuine Cat® Parts Direct Now. QUESTION: Will my engine run differently? Any questions please email me. i know people that run them and have talked to them about it and they have all said that if you use the right resistor and will help and not just be a smoke switch. Engine Overhaul Kits available for the Cat® C15 ACERT Engine. 39 viewed per day. • Cat pressure sensors are application specific sensors. These are quality made, using new factory parts. Get the best deals on CAT Heavy Equipment Sensors when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. $120.00. MXS engines I need complete serial serial number. All connections are soldered and sealed with heat shrink tubing. I havent done the boost sensor mod, but before the tune I did the fuel temp sensor mod and shimmed the fuel pump to 110psi at 1800rpm.

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